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Community Dining Room

We offer hot lunches out of our community kitchen every weekday. 

Service Projects

We encourage community members to join us in completing community service opportunities throughout the week in order to attend our weekly Thrift Store. Help yourself through helping others. 

Thrift Store

Every Saturday we open our Thrift Store to community members who have volunteered with us during the week. 


Grocery Program

We offer a monthly grocery programs so that our community can pick up essential items.


Staff Community

Service Days

Our staff believes in the importance of supporting our community members. Every month our staff completes service projects around our neighborhood to support each other.


A Decent Home 

We give back to our community through our program, A Decent Home. This is an opportunity for local and visiting volunteers to fix and maintain local community homes. 

Women's Coffee Time

Our Women's Coffee Time is an opportunity for women to connect with other women in the community and grow in faith with one another. The community center hosts Women's Coffee Time every Thursday at 9:00AM. 

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