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Sponsor A Student

We believe that education is key to changing and improving lives. This is why at Words of Hope Ministry, our wish is to come alongside families in our community and provide children the opportunity to continue education.


Scholarship Overview

In Mexico, the government pays for schooling through the completion of middle school. After which, children and families must pay the tuition to attend high school and college regardless of it being private or public. Because of the economic status of most of the families in Sonora, many youth in our state cannot afford to continue education after middle school or drop out to start working and provide for their families. The scholarship program through Words of Hope offers the chance for students to continue their education into high school and university. You can sponsor a high school student for $440 USD per year or a university student for $880 USD per year. The money you donate covers the cost of the tuition, school uniform, and school supplies.


When a student is sponsored we believe they will have better opportunities after school and into their adult life. More importantly we hold the conviction that when a child knows they are being supported and encouraged to continue learning, it gives them the opportunity to actually dream for a better life and develop the drive to study and develop themselves professionally. 


We hold it of high importance to maintain active relationships with the students being sponsored. While in the program students have regular meetings with members of our team to discuss how they are doing in school, in their personal lives, and what they need help with. Our team also does home and school visits to meet families and teachers. Each student that is accepted for scholarship signs an agreement with requirements they abide by in order to maintain scholarship. They also serve at the community center for 8 hours each month.

Scholarship Waiting List

Help our youth learn! Each student pictured needs a sponsor. As you offer encouragement and support, you provide a student the opportunity to change their life.

When prompted, choose "WOH Scholarships" as designation.

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