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We strive ​to promote the academic achievement of our community by helping students with their homework, reinforcing needed areas, and providing activities that stimulate creative thought and social consciousness. Our goal is to provide our community with the best environment to learn and develop properly.

Homework Club

Some children can't count on the help of their parents due to their lack of education, and although parents want to, they are not able to help their children with their homework.  Other kids require extra support to understand their school work and appropriately develop their abilities. 


We help to develop the academic achievement of the kids in our community by offering homework club every weekday. 


Computer Lab

We offer computer lab Monday through Saturday for students who need to use them to complete school projects. In addition, we offer computer training classes twice per week to teach computer literacy to adults in our community. 

Second Chance

We believe it is never too late to learn and make dreams reality. In our country, a few decades ago kids had to drop out of school to begin working or their parents simply didn't send them to school because of the lack of economic resources at home.


This means that a large percentage of the current adult population  doesn't the necessary level of education to be able to compete in the modern working world.

For them we are promoting the program "2nd Chance" in which they can finish their basic education and take the first step to achieving a professional career.


English Classes

We offer English classes on Saturdays to provide our community with language skills to succeed in local industries. 

Backpack Drive

Every August we hold our annual Backpack Drive to provide supplies and backpacks to the students in our community to prepare them for success as they begin a new school year. 

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